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Magna5 Speakers Series

Magna5 Speakers Series

Magna5 VP of Sales Enablement Gary Elliott is an invited speaker at the upcoming XChange Solution Provider conference presented by The Channel Co., the largest, independent gathering of 800+ of the IT channel’s premiere solution providers and technology vendors.

Executive Session: Business Management, Unlocking the Secrets of Sales Enablement

Solution provider leaders need to master sales enablement to move their organizations forward. Developing a leading-edge sales-enablement program should be a strategic part of every solution provider’s business model to ensure that customer-facing employees are able to engage in meaningful and valuable conversations with customers at every stage of the buying or problem-solving process. In small- and mid-size organizations that sit below the Fortune 1000, there is a quagmire of critical business functions that are frequently neglected. For businesses that do not have vast resources, attendees will learn how sales enablement takes an “everything and the kitchen sink” of functions, calms the chaos and begins driving value to the firm.

Control overflow calls by using SIP Trunking in conjunction with your existing network connections.

Cost effective alternative to analog or TDM circuits.

SIP Trunk failover solution available: if your business was to lose power, your calls could automatically re-route to a phone number of your choice.

Scalable to accommodate business growth and seasonal activity.

Establish connectivity with field offices, road warriors, and work-from-home employees.

For more information, or to invite a member of the Magna5 Leadership Team to speak at an upcoming event, please email [email protected]