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Cloud Managed Network: Realize the Full Promise of Cloud and Digital Transformation

Cloud computing will continue to be central to the post-pandemic new normal.

“In 2021 and beyond, everybody will continue to rely thoroughly on clouds (as well as on streaming, remote collaboration, smart sensors and other cloud-reliant digital technologies) to emerge from a pandemic that is still grinding down on us remorselessly. Enterprise technology professionals will adjust their cloud strategies with one eye on COVID-19 trends and the other on their digital transformation initiatives.” [InfoWorld]

“By 2022, 70% of all organizations will have accelerated use of digital technologies, transforming existing business processes to drive customer engagement, employee productivity and business resiliency.” [IDC]

“Edge is the new cloud. In 2021, we will see new business models emerge that facilitate the deployment of edge along with AI and 5G facilitating the expansion of edge use cases. All of this new business and investment will see edge eat into public cloud growth. [Forrester]

Fast-tracking digital transformation

Here are five ways Magna5 is helping organizations on-ramp cloud services and speed digital transformation to seize new business opportunities without the hassle.

  • Fully Managed Cloud Network – Today’s remote and multi-site workforce demands anywhere, anytime network access and real-time office functionality from any device. Our Cloud Managed Networks enable organizations to modernize aging technology by moving their network operations onto cloud platforms so they can gain central visibility into all their cloud-based network systems, applications and devices to ensure reliable uptime and performance. Cloud managed networks are designed specifically to accommodate today’s digital-savvy workers and can help simplify how organizations monitor, manage and support their IT operations. Built-in security features include stateful firewall, integrated intrusion prevention system and content filtering to keep your network secure.
  • Unlimited, On-demand Computing Resources – Magna5’s scalable cloud services enable customers to gain better visibility and control over their cloud environment to minimize risks while continuing to provide business innovation. Our private clouds are ideal for users who have large computing and storage requirements, strict security and compliance needs or want to speed innovation with next-generation technologies. Public clouds save on expensive capital expenses of having to purchase, manage and maintain hardware and application infrastructure. Magna5 manages your scalable public cloud to ensure the health, safety and accessibility of your data. Hybrid clouds give you the perfect mix of scalability and flexibility of the public cloud with the dedicated physical environment of the private cloud. Hybrid clouds are becoming the “go-to infrastructure model” for matching the right workload fit in the best environment based on cost, performance, compliance and security needs.
  • High-Performance Network Connections – Intelligent SD-WAN unifies built-in security capabilities at the edge with automated traffic orchestration and steering to ensure “always on” connectivity. You will enjoy a more resilient network for your branch locations and remote users by leveraging the most cost-effective and bandwidth-rich WAN connections to improve voice and application performance. It is easy to deploy and simplifies interconnecting your branch offices to an enterprise-class cloud for reliable connections without purchasing expensive hardware upfront.
  • Anywhere, Anytime CollaborationUnified Communications allows organizations to affordably interconnect teams and branch offices to an enterprise-class cloud network for reliable connections with clear voice quality and reliable performance. When integrated with robust collaboration software, the solution seamlessly integrates phone, instant messaging, video conferencing and voicemail applications together onto a unified, cloud platform. This way, organizations can easily engage with customers as well as employees on any digital device.
  • Proactive Monitoring and Rapid Response – Our 24/7/365 engineers can proactively monitor and manage your cloud network and devices to eliminate issues that could cause costly downtime. Magna5 will work as an extension of your team to monitor, locate and correct network issues – no matter what time of the day or night.

Let us help you improve efficiencies across locations and drive down costs. Watch our Cloud Managed Network video to learn more.