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New 838 Area Code Added to 518 Area Code in 2017

A new 838 area code was added to the current 518 area code in early 2017. As of March 18, 2017, Customers must use the new area code + telephone number dialing procedures whenever placing a call from the 518 area code. Read on to find out more about this ten-digit dialing.

As of August 19, 2017, Customers must dial the area code + telephone number. If Customers do not dial the area code after this date, the calls will not be completed and a recording with instructions to hang up and dial again will be heard.

Beginning September 19, 2017, new telephone lines or services may be assigned numbers using the new 838 area code. All calls placed within and between area codes 518 and 838 must be placed using the 10-digit area code + telephone number (518 or 838 plus the 7-digit telephone number).

The addition of the new 838 area code is needed to meet the growing demand for telephone numbers and avoid 518 area code telephone number exhaustion. The new 838 area code will be overlaid – superimposed – on the existing 518 area code by assigning new telephone numbers with an 838 area code in those locations of the 17 eastern upstate New York counties currently comprising the 518 area code including the greater Albany area, Plattsburgh, and Lake Placid.