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Dark Web Fraud: Take Decisive Action to Keep Your Data Safe

Ever feel like a pawn in someone else’s cyber fraud game?

In a recent article, “I Fought the Dark Web and the Dark Web Won,” the author discovered he was a victim of identity theft and fraud … again. He received a letter from an unemployment office that his application for unemployment had been approved. Yet, he never applied and was not unemployed.

Upon further investigation, he discovered:

  • Fraudulent jobless claims are a rampant scam across the country that accelerated during the COVID crisis as jobless benefits increased.
  • Last year, more than 737 million data files were ripped off, according to hacked.com, which described last year’s digital pilferage as “a digital pandemic.”
  • With millions working remotely on their computers during the pandemic, the FBI recorded a 400% increase of cybercrime reports.

When trying to retrieve and remove his information from the Dark Web, he found it was a losing proposition.

  • The user’s IP address is hidden and frequently changes.
  • Browsing data is encrypted.
  • Darknet marketplaces are a grouping of websites that are untraceable.
  • They send and accept payments with bitcoins.
  • Searched and found his email had been stolen and could be floating in no less than 10 billion data files.

Find out if your data has been “pwned.”

If you are a victim of a data breach, you have been pwned. But don’t wait until a breach occurs. Be proactive in knowing if your credentials are already listed on the darknet.

Magna5’s Dark Web Monitoring solution detects stolen email addresses and passwords using 24/7/365 surveillance of stolen credentials and other personally identifiable information. Through actionable Dark Web ID intelligence, we monitor business credentials for sale on the Dark Web so we can notify you in real time when your emails and passwords have been compromised, and we provide the security measures you can perform to strengthen your security. We also can provide anti-phishing measures with simulated phishing attacks and initiate security awareness campaigns to educate your employees, making them the best defense against cybercrimes.

Fortify Your Network

Once it is determined your credentials are for sale on Dark Web marketplaces, Magna5 can help you stay ahead of future attacks. A multi-layered defense is the only way to counter cyber attacks before they happen.

  • Managed Detection & Response – We supply 24/7/365 security monitoring and alerting of critical systems to improve visibility, time to detection and incident response.
  • Vulnerability Scans – We perform regular audits of network devices, servers, applications and databases to learn what is exposed to threats and provide actionable response plans to protect business assets.
  • Firewall/IPS Management – We use next-generation threat intelligence to identify and block malicious traffic and develop countermeasures to respond to new threats, vulnerabilities and network changes.
  • Patch Management – We keep systems secure, current and optimized with regularly scheduled patch management to minimize risks and weaknesses used to exploit data breaches.
  • Anti-Virus Protection – We provide full intrusion protection, proactive detection and behavioral analysis along with monthly reports showing the security status across your customer’s network and devices.
  • Endpoint Security – We provide visibility into your endpoint activity to quickly detect and mitigate advanced threats before they reach and jeopardize data across your organization.
  • Zero-Trust Identity and Verification – We initiate strong authentication and verification controls by identifying individuals seeking access, confirming their rights to the device being used to access, and ensuring both are authorized to access the resource requested.

Let’s get started. Sign up for a free Dark Web scan today.