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The Dark Web: Are Your Credentials Up for Sale Without You Knowing It?

By Briana Thompson and Brian Czapik

Out in the wild yonder of the underbelly of the internet is the Dark Web, where millions of stolen credentials are made available for sale. Through massive credential dumping on the dark net, hackers can purchase thousands of usernames and passwords and have a field day logging into your network, accessing customer account information and sending deceptive emails to those customers with your logo asking for their credentials or sensitive information through phishing campaigns. Or hackers may simply use stolen credentials to penetrate your network, lock out your data and ask for a ransom.

In many cases, you don’t even know your sensitive information has already been extracted and available on the Dark Web to sell to the highest bidder. It is maddening. But help is on the way.

Dark Web Monitoring – Another Layer of Security Defense

While stolen credentials cannot be retrieved from the Dark Web, you can limit the damage of future attacks. By being vigilant in knowing what company information is being offered for sale on the Dark Web, you can take decisive action.

Magna5’s Dark Web Monitoring solution detects stolen email addresses and passwords using 24/7/365 surveillance of stolen credentials and other personally identifiable information. Through actionable Dark Web ID intelligence, we monitor business credentials for sale on the Dark Web so we can notify you in real time when your emails and passwords have been compromised, and we provide the security measures you can perform to strengthen your security. We also can provide anti-phishing measures with simulated phishing attacks and initiate security awareness campaigns to educate your employees, making them the best defense against cybercrimes.

Our Dark Web ID monitoring executes 10,000 refined queries daily across chatroom channels, private websites and Twitter feeds. These include scouring botnets, criminal chat rooms, blogs, websites, bulleting boards, peer-to-peer networks, forums and black-market sites. With this information, Magna5 alerts you when it is time to change passwords because your credentials are up for sale on the Dark Web. This enables you to protect your organization from a criminal breach before a compromise occurs to your system.

Know ahead of time if cyber criminals already have the keys to access your network. Sign up for a complimentary Dark Web scan today!