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Endpoint Security Gaps: Be on the Lookout for Red Flags

Remote working is here to stay. Ransomware will continue to accelerate.
Do you have visibility and control of what connects to your network?

Are you guilty of putting things off ? We all do it. But when too many red flags begin to take a toll on your IT endpoint security, it is time to take action to work smarter in resolving security gaps.

For many organizations, some of the top red flags include:

  • You do not have full visibility into all endpoint environments. Whether traffic is on the corporate network, in a hybrid data center or on the remote employee’s endpoint, lack of visibility into the devices that employees are working on exposes potential hidden entry points.
  • You are worried about securing your remote workforce connecting both inside and outside of your protective firewalls. Employees may be using company-owned laptops on home Wi-Fi networks or using their personal smartphones to access business data. Or other family members using the same home devices could download malware onto the same machine used to handle enterprise information.
  • Your incident response to ransomware and cyber threats is reactive and putting your organization at risk. Cybercriminals are launching waves of relentless attacks against remote workers. Businesses cannot create a traditional castle-and-moat network perimeter for remote devices connecting to corporate access through untrusted networks. They do not have the same control over remote endpoints that are not on their network.
  • You are struggling with performing company-wide rollout of patches or security upgrades. The vast majority of all ransomware infections result from unpatched systems and rampant password reuse. Due to overburdened security teams focused on hardening their perimeters or performing digital transformation initiatives, patching and upgrades are taking a back seat to the delight of the cyber bad guys.

Let the Experts Take Care of Those Red Flags

Magna5 can help you shift gears to proactively safeguard your network and endpoints using a three-step defense strategy to counter attacks before they penetrate your perimeter.

Step One: Endpoint Security

Magna5 takes the burden off IT staffs by providing customized solutions that unify prevention, detection and response in a single solution … fully managed by Magna5’s 24/7/365 Operation’s Center. Our Endpoint Security bundles provide visibility into all endpoint activity to quickly detect and mitigate advanced threats before they reach and jeopardize data across your organization. No matter where your employees are working, endpoint security can safeguard your network infrastructure with real-time detection and response. Our services:

  • Oversee advanced malware detection and analysis of application and process behavior.
  • Initiate policy-based mitigation that kills the process, quarantines or removes the endpoint from the network.
  • Provide real-time endpoint forensics and visibility into malicious activity.
  • Monitor a 360-view of the attack, including file information, path, machine name, IP and domain.
  • Stop an attack and return the machine back to its pre-attack state before any files are deleted or modified.

Step Two: Zero Trust Essentials

Magna5 recommends leveraging a series of integrated identity and verification measures to limit unauthorized access.

  • Multifactor authentication – Grants users network access upon showing two or more forms of identification based either on what they know (password), possess (physical item like token or cellphone), or inherently contain (fingerprint or retina). Your account is 99.9% less likely to be compromised if you use MFA!
  • Encryption – Converts sensitive data into code and can only be accessed or decrypted by a user with the correct encryption key. Strong key management is critical to protect the encryption keys that decrypt that data.
  • Microsegmentation – Breaks networks into separate zones in data centers and cloud deployments that allow you to isolate workloads and protect them individually. It enables you to tailor security settings to different types of traffic, creating policies that limit network and application flows between workloads to those that are explicitly permitted. The goal is to decrease the network attack surface. Microsegments can be based on user group, location or logically grouped applications.
  • Least privilege principles – Grants users bare minimal access privileges necessary to perform their specific roles. By strictly limiting who can access critical systems, you reduce the risk of intentional data breaches and unintentional data leaks. It helps stop the spread of malware and reduces the cyber-attack surface.

Step Three: Data Backup and Recovery

When disaster strikes, you want to be able to bounce back quickly. Our managed Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solution can minimize downtime with backups stored in a secure, cloud environment. In the event of a crippling data breach or natural disaster, Magna5 can restore entire environments in minutes. All backups:

  • Are stored in a secure, cloud data center disconnected from the network.
  • Are encrypted before it leaves client machines, in transit and at rest in storage.
  • Have strong permissions on who has access to the backup storage.
  • Have a dedicated team to test, schedule and guarantee your backup processes meet pre-defined Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO).

Is your endpoint security where it needs to be? We can help. Check out our short Endpoint Security video to learn more.