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Magna5 Responds to FortiGate Firewall Vulnerability and Provides Customers End-to-End Protection

On June 12th Fortinet publicly announced a critical zero-day vulnerability for Fortinet Firewalls. We are pleased to share that Magna5’s cybersecurity team has been actively patching Fortinet Firewalls since June 9th with the firmware that contained the remediation. The Magna5 private cloud firewalls were patched on June 10th to safeguard hosted clients and are now protected from this vulnerability.  

Attacks and vulnerabilities can happen to any supplier, even the most well regarded. Partnering with a managed service provider, like Magna5 is critical to ensure your organization is protected. When issues arise, our proactive approach to cybersecurity enables Magna5 to quickly leverage our expertise to provide prompt and comprehensive resolutions.

This extremely high-risk flaw poses a critical threat to the security of your organization’s data and network integrity. If left unprotected, cybercriminals may already be exploiting this loophole to infiltrate networks, seize sensitive data, and disrupt operations. The exploit allows attackers to bypass MFA and authentication for remote access VPN connections. If your firewalls are left unpatched, you are currently at an elevated risk of becoming their next target.

Is your network monitored and patched 24/7? If not, you are leaving a crucial aspect of your security posture unguarded. Magna5 offers comprehensive network monitoring and management services. Our team of certified FortiGate engineers at Magna5 is ready and equipped to remediate this vulnerability swiftly and efficiently.

With our 24/7 surveillance, our expert team is always on the lookout for anomalies and threats. We ensure that your network is up to date, protected against new exploits, and constantly monitored for signs of intrusion. This level of vigilance greatly reduces the chances of a successful cyberattack and provides you with the peace of mind you need to focus on what matters most: your business.

To navigate through this threat and learn more about our 24/7 monitoring services, please visit us at magna5.com It is time to protect your business from potential threats lurking in the digital shadows.

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