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How to Bypass a Growing IT Talent Shortage

According to CIO magazine, a survey of more than 2,800 senior managers by Robert Half Technology discovered more than 80% of managers in the U.S. are concerned about their ability to retain valuable employees. The top reasons for talent drain, according to Robert Half, are suffering morale (47%), heavier workloads and increased burnout (47%), salary cuts and lack of raises (39%), and dissatisfaction with management (29%). It has been a rough year for employees and leadership alike — Covid-19 came with a lot of unpredictable changes, and the ripple effects can be felt through every industry and business.

The problem is not just difficulty in finding IT staff with the right skills but also with recruiters actively targeting an organization’s existing workforce, leading to high turnover.

Close the IT talent gap

Partnering with a managed services provider offers several advantages to address the IT skills gap.

  • Cost savings and scale. It is costly and time-consuming to expand an in-house IT staff. Managed service providers have highly trained Tier 1 and Tier 2 engineers who are already certified in the latest technologies and keep abreast of trending network or security issues. Services like help desk, IT monitoring and cybersecurity detection and response can be scaled up or down as needed. Risks are resolved before the company realizes they have a threat or downtime issue.
  • On-demand expertise. Sometimes more specialized expertise is needed. Much like a doctor referring you to a specialist, you can tap a managed service provider with specific in-depth knowledge around your particular issue. For example, if a new malware is detected, managed service providers can quickly isolate, block and hunt footholds across multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Better use of resources. Most internal IT personnel are too busy to review daily logs or investigate every little alert that fires off a device. Instead of having your in-house IT staff bogged down with day-to-day tactical details, managed service providers can do the heavy lifting of maintenance and upkeep while your staff focuses on essential strategies and projects. Offloading routine IT activities frees your staff to innovate and deliver digital transformation initiatives.
  • Holistic view of troubleshooting. Maintaining uptime, high network performance and cybersecurity protection is a 24/7 job. Managed service providers enable centralized visibility and management of all networks and security perimeters around the clock. This way, you get early-warning detection and response to issues plus quick resolution.

Partner with a winning team

Let Magna5 help you address the IT talent shortage. Our Managed IT Services provide the right blend of people, processes and new technologies for you to drive costs down and improve efficiencies across your organization. Everything from moving to the cloud, monitoring IT operations, help desk support to managed security and data backup and recovery, we’ve got you covered. By letting our experts manage your network and security activities, you can free time for your staff to focus on what matters … taking care of your customers and helping your employees stay productive.

Forget the recruiters! Get the IT talent you need now with on-demand experts accessible anytime, anywhere. Watch our Magna5 video to learn more.