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Magna5 Cybersecurity Engineer Speaks at STEM Event

Briana Thompson, Magna5 Cybersecurity Engineer, recently spoke with students at Seneca Valley High School (Harmony, Penn.) for SV STEM Alumni Days.

Ms. Thompson was selected among Seneca Valley alumni who have entered Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) programs to inspire and inform current students, encouraging STEM fields of study. Ms. Thompson has been a Cybersecurity Engineer with Magna5 for over two years.

“I was excited to increase cybersecurity awareness for students at my former high school,” said Ms. Thompson. “I wanted to share advice with students heading into college and provide insight into real-world experiences. My time at Seneca Valley is why I pursued Cyber education in college.”

“Briana has been a tremendous asset for Magna5 and our customers,” said Matt Kimpel, Director of Cybersecurity and Engineering at Magna5. “It is important that we develop partnerships between local IT businesses and secondary institutions in our community to support STEM initiatives in our schools.”

Ms. Thompson shared with students pursuing STEM careers her professional progression, guidance on fields of study in college – including areas she wished she had spent more time on – and revealed typical day-in-the-life of a Cybersecurity Engineer, providing examples of how she made an impact on Magna5 customers’ security.