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Magna5 Launches New Multi-Layer Endpoint Security Solution

Frisco, TX, April 22, 2020 Magna5, a leading provider of managed IT, voice and connectivity services, announced today the rollout of a suite of Endpoint Security solutions to reduce the risk of cyberattacks at the endpoint level.

Whether working online across branch locations or remotely, today’s busy employees use a wide range of digital devices. All those endpoints devices connected inside and outside of the office firewall are prime entry points for cybercriminals to target organizations. Without proper protection, it’s open season for a tsunami of malicious ransomware and malware attacks through those unsecured endpoints.

Magna5’s new, fully managed Endpoint Security combines attack prevention, detection, response and remediation into a single solution, allowing a multi-layer defense against cyberattacks and network intrusions.

“With a dramatic increase in teleworkers, the attack surface for organizations has significantly increased. Users are no longer behind advanced firewalls, so there is an essential need to strengthen and protect user computers and digital devices,” said Justin Cameron, Magna5 SVP of IT Services. “Our multi-layered security approach allows us to provide organizations with aggressive measures to boost detection and response across all endpoints to prevent and mitigate cyberattacks.”

Teams of security experts working out of Magna5’s 24/7/365 U.S.-based Incident Response Operations Center provide full visibility into multiple endpoint environments. Both known and unknown cyber threats are monitored at every stage of their lifecycle. Using policy-driven configurations, Magna5 can kill a process, quarantine attacks or delete malicious binaries before they do any damage. In addition, the solution can actively hunt for attacks using sophisticated algorithms to seek out potential footholds and hard-to-detect persistent threat methods.

Organizations can choose from three security packages that bundle various levels of protection and incident monitoring to fit their specific organizational needs. Features include patch management, prevention and detection of attacks across all endpoints, active threat hunting with behavioral monitoring, remediation and complete visibility into the endpoint environment with real-time data and incident response.

About Magna5

Magna5, a NewSpring Holdings portfolio company, provides managed IT, voice and connectivity solutions to mid-market and enterprise customers nationwide, including leaders within the education, healthcare, government, financial services and other industry segments. Headquartered in Frisco, TX, Magna5 operates nationally and has office locations in Pittsburgh; San Antonio; Seattle; and Troy, NY. Magna5 is a platform company of NewSpring Holdings. For more information, visit www.magna5global.com.

CONTACT: Ryan Burns | Magna5 | 844-462-4625


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