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Ensure Network Uptime and Performance with Centralized Visibility

The COVID-19 pandemic has initiated a whirlwind of unique opportunities, prompting businesses to rethink what they want their organization to look like in the future. After the shift to work-from-home business models, many organizations are now focusing on some of the gaps discovered during the lockdown. One of these gaps is improving critical visibility into their networks to provide reliable network uptime for their remote and multi-site workforces.

Eliminating Network Blind Spots

Networks today are a combination of internet-based virtual private networks, cloud services, multiprotocol label switching and mobile users. Without centralized visibility into all network components across multiple locations, it is difficult to detect slow or failing network components, such as overloaded or crashed/frozen servers, failing routers, defective switches or other problematic devices. These blind spots can be dangerous, leading to frequent downtime and serious security vulnerabilities.

By turning to a trusted managed service provider (MSP), you can gain real-time IT monitoring across multiple locations so you can avoid downtime and revenue loss due to unreliable network performance.

Keeping Your Network “Always On”

Network Monitoring and Management monitors the health of all network, servers and devices in real-time to increase network reliability and performance. Certified engineers watch your organization’s infrastructure 24/7/365 and will validate and remediate issues before they become large downtime events.

Real-time, proactive network monitoring will give your organization:

  • Full visibility into your entire network and application performance around the clock.
  • Proactive alerting and troubleshooting.
  • Early-warning detection to prevent downtime or outages.
  • Improved network availability and performance.
  • Real-time tracking of overall network and application health.

Monitoring agents are installed on all servers, firewalls, switches and applications to correlate data and alert the MSP’s Operations Center when monitored devices dip below health and performance baselines. Patching management can also be added to the solution to ensure critical software, servers and devices are updated and free from known vulnerabilities.

The Advantages

Let’s look how a large insurance company tapped Magna5 to proactively keep its multi-state network optimized and updated.


Serving a large fraternal membership in 13 states, the insurance company could not afford downtime or unreliable network performance. Their previous vendor was not delivering consistent monitoring, maintenance or quick response to network incidents. As a result, they never knew if their network was in a healthy state, or whether they were protected from downtime events. They were seeking a trusted managed services solution that could provide around-the-clock monitoring, reliable network performance and regular updates to minimize security risks.


To ensure reliable uptime and high network performance, Magna5 provided real-time network monitoring of virtual servers, storage area network, firewalls and switches. Granular visibility into their IT environment enabled insight into daily infrastructure health and performance. We also implemented a regular patching schedule to keep systems updated and protected from bugs or security risks. These proactive measures remediated small issues that could potentially lead to larger failure or downtime.


Proactive network monitoring and management improved network health and detected issues in real-time for quick remediation.

  • Enabled full visibility and remote management over wired and wireless networking.
  • Allowed real-time monitoring and alerting to resolve performance issues.
  • Drastically improved network performance, availability and uptime.
  • Detected minor issues before they became system-wide downtime events.
  • Provided comfort level that professional engineers were keeping careful watch on their network to guarantee uptime and seamless operations.
  • Certified engineers were available 24/7/365 to provide customer support.

Do you have network visibility gaps? We can help. View our short video to learn more.