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Protecting Organizations with Unique Solutions

“Magna5 leverages real-time data analytics tools that provide insight into an organization’s data and assist in tiering the data off to lower-cost storage.”
Article first appeared in MyTechMag, Dec. 9, 2021

Organizations today are being digitally disrupted almost daily. Some of the significant challenges are rising cybersecurity threats, unpredictable natural disasters, power outages, equipment failures, human error, and lack of IT staff for monitoring data protection strategies and testing. Overburdened IT departments are overloaded with strategic modernization projects on top of daily IT management activities. Safeguarding organizational data is a round-the-clock job, and many organizations don’t have the time or skillsets to set up and manage their data backups daily correctly. As a result, data backup responsibilities are taking a back seat. Magna5 offers a fully managed data backup and recovery solution with limited client touch while providing transparent access and reporting. Their team of experts proactively safeguard organizations’ critical data in a secure, cloud data center disconnected from the network. In a crippling data breach or disaster, Magna5 can restore specific virtual machines or an entire IT environment in minutes or hours, depending on predetermined Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives.

Many organizations find themselves managing multiple backup solutions with little oversight. Magna5 centralizes monitoring cloud, on-premise, and SaaS workloads all under a single pane of glass. They protect and intelligently archive user data stored in Office 365 and Google mailboxes both on-premises and in the cloud and other user-based repositories such as OneDrive, SharePoint, and Google Drive. Magna5 also leverages real-time data analytics tools that provide insight into an organization’s data and assist in tiering the data off to lower-cost storage.

With remote work being the norm for most organizations today, it is essential to be agile in protecting endpoints on and off the network. When going remote, companies face file-sharing and collaboration workflows from highly distributed workstations on various network connections, all spread out over multiple home networks and devices. Data is no longer protected as it would be in a secure infrastructure in a controlled physical office setting. Magna5 can monitor, maintain, test, and recover every backup from wherever the data resides. They assist in offering on-premise ransomware-protected appliances with off-site disconnected copies, alongside providing AI monitoring of file systems looking for abnormal changes and ransomware attacks. And with today’s supply chain issues, they enable companies to spin their infrastructure up on Magna5’s cloud-hosted environment instead of waiting for difficult-to-get replacement hardware.

Engineers working in Magna5’s U.S.-based Operations Center have years of experience in managing critical systems and data. Centralized monitoring with complete visibility into an organization’s backup environment allows Magna5 to make certain backups are completed successfully to meet organizational recovery goals. Magna5’s 24x7x365 Network Operations Center (NOC) sets them apart from other providers. “We are capable of handling any request 24/7 whether it’s a single file restore or a disaster recovery failover. All of our offerings include best-effort disaster recovery. Our customers know they have the disaster recovery capabilities without the increased cost of paying for standby resources. We offer live VMware virtual machine replication over the internet without the need of VPNs or punching holes in the customer’s firewall,” says Zach Cameron, Magna5 Data Backup and Disaster Recovery Manager. “The pandemic has highlighted the need for companies to embrace digital transformation. They need a data protection and disaster recovery solution that can scale with them and adjust to their fast-changing environment.”

One of the Magna5 customers, a multi-state processor of speciality steel and aerospace products, was a victim of a ransomware attack. Fortunately, they were able to bounce back quickly, thanks to Magna5, which provided VMware image-based backups with off-site replication leveraging Commvault software. As a result, Magna5 recovered the entire virtual and physical environment, including web servers and Microsoft SQL servers, on our hosting platform located in the company’s secure Iron Mountain data center. “Our goal is to allow our customers to focus on driving their business instead of worrying about protecting their data and end users,” says Zach. “Magna5 provides a single pane of glass for customers to access and analyze their data no matter where it lives. Our data protection suite combined with our monitoring and cybersecurity offerings provide best-in-class cyber resilience.”