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Magna5 – Enabling Businesses to Respond Quickly to Cyber Threats

Recently, Enterprise Security Magazine’s editorial board selected Magna5 as a 10 Top Managed Security Provider for 2021. The magazine evaluates and selects companies who are innovators in their business space and at the forefront in offering cost-efficient and reliable managed security solutions.

Magna5’s Matt Kimpel, Director of Cybersecurity and Engineering, is featured in the special edition. Please read the article below. You may also view the article on the magazine’s website.

Without question, the pandemic lockdown forced many businesses to accelerate their digital transformation adoption to cope with maintaining business continuity. Take remote working, for instance. Even after coming halfway through 2021, there is no sign of this trend going away. In fact, researchers estimate that 70 percent of the workforce will be working remotely or in a hybrid environment at least five days a month by 2025. There is no doubt that the remote working culture has opened up myriads of opportunities for businesses to thrive while reducing their operational expenditure. But this has also presented a significant challenge pertaining to the security of sensitive corporate data. As employees operate outside the secure corporate network and working on multiple endpoint devices, threat actors are taking advantage of the situation. To this end, it is essential for organizations to detect anomalies quickly and respond faster.

This is where Magna5 is making a world of difference. The company’s managed security services protect clients’ networks, endpoints, mission-critical applications, and more from emerging and current threats. “With a focus on detection and response, we are using AI and integrations between various technologies to ensure faster response to any incident,” says Matt Kimpel, Director of Cybersecurity and Engineering at Magna5.

Magna5 delivers a wide range of customized services, including monitoring and management, cybersecurity, cloud hosting, and data backup and disaster recovery to businesses of all sizes. Identifying the most crucial aspect driving security-related conversations and concerns in an organization, Magna5 takes a holistic approach to address their client’s cybersecurity needs. “We understand that cybersecurity is not just about implementing cutting-edge tools. That’s why we blend people, processes, and cutting-edge technologies to help increase security and enhance efficiency across their organizations,” adds Kimpel. In addition to that, Magna5’s 24/7/365 Operation Center offers personalized managed detection and response (MDR) and security information and event monitoring (SIEM) to clients. The company provides MDR with tailored features depending on the clients’ particular needs and budget to deliver additional detection on top of existing prevention tools.

Moreover, to deal with the latest attack patterns, threats, and vulnerabilities that threat actors use, Magna5’s trained security professionals continually upgrade their skills and knowledge to offer the appropriate solutions required for ever-evolving cybersecurity needs. “Our team will filter the noise, identify the malicious activity, and escalate the incident to experienced engineers to mitigate the threat before it disrupts business operations,” says Kimpel.

In this context, Kimpel remembers one incident where Magna5 delivered data backup services to an organization. While restoring data after they found that the client’s remote desktop server had been targeted with ransomware, Magna5 worked with the client to harden the environment. The client lacked in-house IT expertise and was struggling to handle the situation. Magna5 implemented a solution that identified the security gaps and enabled them to stay prepared for future attacks. Additionally, the company implemented MDR services to provide 24/7 security monitoring to identify unauthorized access attempts.

With such implementations, Magna5 continues to evaluate the latest technologies and add new offerings such as dark web monitoring. They are also enhancing their AI capabilities to provide better value to clients. “We continuously follow the latest trends in technology and the evolution of cybersecurity solutions such as managed detection and response,” says Kimpel. Expanding its reach, the company has recently acquired a company in the New York region. “As we enter new markets, we bring clients access to proven experience and fully managed resources for addressing every aspect of cybersecurity from a single trusted partner,” concludes Kimpel.