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Magna5 – Simplifying the Digital Transformation Journey

Recently, Aspioneer’s editorial board selected Magna5 as one of its 10 Best Performing Managed Service Providers for 2021. The magazine evaluates and selects companies who are innovators in their business space and at the forefront of driving business strategy and performance.

Magna5’s CEO Robert Farina is featured in the special edition. Please read the article below. You may also view the article on the magazine’s website.


In the last decade, the world has seen staggering technological changes. Disruptive technologies are emerging at a breakneck speed. Organizations today are looking for trusted managed service providers who can provide a broad spectrum of fully managed IT solutions and services that help them better serve customers and scale operations … and drive their businesses forward. Statistics show almost 45% of organizations plan to partner with a managed security service provider because many firms simply do not have the budget or technical expertise in-house to invest large sums into the continual research and costly next-generation hardware and software to stay current.

Magna5 uniquely fills this gap in helping companies work better, faster and smarter. Offering a full suite of enterprise managed IT services, they are helping businesses pave the way to deliver service excellence and a better customer experience. Everything from moving to the cloud, monitoring IT operations, help desk support to fully managed security and data backup and recovery, they are helping firms deploy modernization projects faster across multiple environments to improve efficiencies across their organization and drive costs down. Magna5 has evolved as a key player in the managed IT services domain and serves more than 300 mid-market and enterprise customers nationwide, including leaders in the education, healthcare, government, financial services, manufacturing, and other verticals.

“We provide the right blend of people, processes, and emerging technologies for customers to improve efficiencies across their organization. They rely on us to safely and securely drive transformation initiatives, increase revenue, improve service to customers and employees and drive down costs We are a partner for all their technological needs,” affirms Robert Farina, CEO of Magna5.

Exemplifying Distinctiveness

Magna5 is growing rapidly, both organically and through strategic acquisition initiatives which most recently saw the addition of SpinnerTech in the New York area to the Magna5 team.  Customers come to Magna5 because it does not make sense anymore for them to deal with an army of vendors. They want a single trusted managed services provider who has already done the diligence in the market to select the best technology options and packaged them to solve customer challenges quickly and with a high standard for service delivery excellence. Its 24x7x365 Operations Center is staffed with highly trained and certified engineers who are up-to-speed on the latest technologies. Whether they need cybersecurity, networking, data management, cloud hosting, or desktop or server support, Magna5 provides a strong array of engineering and service talent who can support an organization end-to-end.

Magna5 provides everything customers need to modernize their IT environment through one trusted partner,” says Robert. “In an ‘always on’ digital world, the urgent need for reliable uptime and on-demand network performance never ceases. We ensure customers stay ahead of network disruption by proactively watching their network and providing early detection and response before issues lead to system-wide downtime.”

Robert Farina: Redefining Leadership

Robert Farina has a distinguished 30-year career leading early stage as well as more mature high-growth enterprises on a path to success. Since taking the helm as CEO of Magna5, he has moved aggressively to develop forward-thinking strategies to expand opportunities into new markets and provide effective tools for its employees to thrive and deliver service excellence. His vast experience has given him a keen sense of how to translate a vision into reality. Robert is passionate about his work and it shows in how he leads by example and empowers his employees to challenge themselves with cross-organizational problem-solving to capitalize on their different skillsets. When diverse mindsets come together with varied perspectives to solve a problem, teams can deliver faster, better, customer-driven decisions.

In addition to helping customers with their digital transformation, Magna5 has been doing a little transitioning of its own. Over the past couple of years, the company has engaged in a multi-phase digital modernization initiative to consolidate its operating platform to enable the business to scale more efficiently. It also effectively allows for more consistent quality in deliverables and less wasted time and resources in providing services to Magna5’s customers.   

“With an end-to-end modernized infrastructure using cutting-edge, automated digital tools and smart intelligence, we are significantly enhancing the way we interact with customers and deliver services,” says Robert. “Our customers demand reliable network performance and guaranteed uptime. They expect proactive security monitoring and quick remediation. Our investments in our own infrastructure allow us to deliver solutions faster and to be more responsive.”

Culture at Magna5

When bringing the talents of multiple acquisitions together, the key is to “act as one.” There is an unspoken understanding across the company – in order to be relevant and competitive, one must work faster and smarter. At Magna5, the customer is always in their line of sight. Their culture fosters a work ethic to get things done. They do this by leveraging the strength of colleagues through collaboration, working cross-functionally to bring different perspectives in solving problems holistically.

Magna5 runs on teamwork, and success is a result of focusing on our customers’ needs first and foremost while working together towards one goal,” says Robert.

The company embraces responsibility for a clear outcome that truly makes a noticeable difference for the customer. They know they must earn a customer’s trust. Through coaching and ongoing leadership, Magna5 builds employee confidence to perform their very best. There is no guesswork on what needs to be done, when to do it or how to do it. When customers engage with Magna5, they sense the enthusiasm and professionalism that has been the company’s hallmark for retaining a loyal customer base.

Preparing Companies for What’s Next

The COVID-19 pandemic has initiated a whirlwind of unique opportunities, prompting businesses to rethink what they want their organization to look like in the future. After the shift to work-from-home business models, many organizations are now focusing on some of the gaps discovered during the lockdown. Some businesses discovered they need unified communications for secure, anywhere collaboration. Others were struggling to keep up with rampant malware and ransomware attacks and need to ramp up a multi-layered defense. Many organizations found they did not have critical visibility into their networks to provide reliable network uptime for their remote and multi-site workforces. And still others are evaluating their data backup and recovery capabilities to safeguard their company data in the event of a disaster.

Magna5 is well positioned as a single trusted managed IT services provider to proactively ensure consistent systems availability with fully managed, real-time monitoring and quick response to improve network and systems reliability, whether at customer locations or delivered from the cloud. They have rapid-response engineers who watch an organization’s infrastructure around the clock to ensure the health of the network environment meets pre-defined service levels. They also can identify, validate and respond to cybersecurity issues before they become large downtime events. The company continually evaluates the marketplace for new and improved technology while partnering with best-of-breed technology providers to provide leading-edge solutions and meet emerging challenges.

With proven experience and a powerful suite of fully managed IT solutions, Magna5 brings the right solutions to ensure an organization’s success … now and into the future.

We lead with an unwavering commitment to innovation while embracing agility in a rapidly transforming world,” says Robert.