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Webinar: How to Stay Ahead of Cyberattacks and Ransomware Threats


When fighting today’s sophisticated cyberattacks, it helps to hear stories of how others succeeded. In our newest webinar, Jacob Bever, Senior Solutions Engineer at Magna5, deep dives into the importance of building a multi-layered cybersecurity defense and shares three stories of organizations teaming with Magna5 to take steps in fortifying their businesses to stay ahead of cyberattacks.


Build a Defense on Multiple Fronts

No longer can companies simply hide behind a secure firewall and antivirus to feel safe. Today’s bad actors are lurking everywhere … in your infrastructure, computer systems, clouds, apps, endpoints, web domains and more. Learn in this webinar the key countermeasures you need to identify, detect and respond to security risks in real time.


Proven Engagement Model That Works

A one-size security solution does not fit all. When Magna5 builds a tailored solution for your security challenges, each solution goes through a rigorous cybersecurity engagement process to ensure it is built right and provides the best value and most accurate threat intelligence for responsive protection. See how in this webinar.


There is a lot more to learn in this insightful webinar. If your organization is falling behind in securing your IT environment, watch How to Stay Ahead of Cyberattacks and Ransomware Threats. It can be a game changer.