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Unprotected Salesforce Data: A Security No-No.


In a digital age filled with bad actors constantly looking for security flaws to exploit, don’t forget to protect your Salesforce data.

Even though Salesforce is one of the most widely used customer relationship management applications in the world, many organizations still overlook backing up their CRM data from this business-critical tool. That can be a huge mistake.

In the time you read this blog, a hacker may be quietly stealing your organization’s Salesforce data and encrypting it in a hidden server where they will threaten to publish the stolen data unless a ransom is paid. Imagine the impact to your sales organization if you lost access to customer accounts, campaigns, contacts, events, lead opportunities and more! Being held hostage can be devastating with significant loss of revenue and company reputation.

While Salesforce did reintroduce its data recovery services in March 2021 after retiring the service in 2020, it is still intended only as a last resort measure and not a full data backup and recovery solution. According to Security Boulevard, the new service has notable limitations.

  • Salesforce does not guarantee this service will successfully restore 100% your data.
  • The files that you receive will include data, but no metadata.
  • The process of recovering your data takes approximately 6-8 weeks.
  • The data will be returned in CSV files, meaning that you will need to manually upload back into Salesforce.
  • The service costs $10,000.

Did you catch that … manual, time-consuming and does not guarantee full data recovery? Not exactly reassuring. That’s why it’s recommended you partner with a trusted managed IT service provider to get total CRM data backup and recovery services.

Play It Safe … Get Total Salesforce Data Protection

Managed IT services providers, such as Magna5, offer proven Salesforce Data Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions that proactively safeguard CRM data in the cloud to keep organizations running without interruption. We back up data to a secure, cloud data center disconnected from the network for total protection. In the event of a crippling data breach or natural disaster, seamless recovery happens in minutes instead of days or weeks depending on pre-determined Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives.

You will have peace of mind knowing that our team of experts will:

  • Back up Salesforce data to a highly secure, off-premises data center with encrypted connections.
  • Protect all CRM content – including files, metadata, layouts, app setting and profiles.
  • Automatically schedule backups to run at required intervals to meet regulatory compliance.
  • Restore data to various media and database formats.
  • Integrate with organization’s backup policies and reporting standards.
  • Provide 24/7/365 monitoring with portal access to reports and service-level data.

The stakes of protecting your business-critical Salesforce data are too high to take a passive approach. A fully managed data backup-as-a-service with seamless recovery safeguards sensitive data, applications and systems from permanent loss that can cause major business disruptions. Be proactive and let Magna5 help you prepare for the unexpected.

Is your organization confident your Salesforce data is safe when bad actors hijack your CRM data? Or if a natural disaster strikes? We can help. Learn more about our Data Backup and Disaster Recovery here.