Values in Action
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Values in action 2023

Congratulations to all of our 2023 Values in Action award winners! Magna5 proudly recognizes each of these individuals for embodying the five values that make our company — and people — exceptional.

Win Together  /  Respond Fast  /  Earn Trust  /  Stay Transparent  /  Think Ahead

We greatly appreciate their contributions to furthering our goals as a company, leading by example and demonstrating exemplary conduct to our customers and teammates.

Cherie Bergles

Robert Conte

Shawn Falconer

Frank Fay

Ayrek Howard

Michael Kennet

Rafal Lebida

Don McCollumn

Shauna Murray

Meghan Westhorp

Our values

Win Together

We collaborate with clients and across the Magna5 team to provide complete solutions for every IT challenge.

Respond fast​

When clients or teammates reach out, we answer with urgency, assembling the needed expertise to provide quick and accurate resolutions.

Earn trust

We strive to earn and keep the trust of our clients and teammates through our actions every day, fulfilling every promise we make.

Stay transparent

No secrets and no surprises. We respect our clients and one another by providing candid assessments and complete, accessible information.

Think ahead

“Good enough” isn’t good enough. We strive to be the best. Our team members are proactive with our problem solving and work to stay on the leading edge of new technologies that drive client success.