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Magna5 Helps Veratech Job Placement Firm Make Smart Connections

Working together to provide business services, two technology-based companies find successful partnership in making smart connections through telecom and job placement

Business is about making connections, and for enterprise-class voice and data provider Magna5, making smart connections is key, especially when it means helping customers grow their businesses using Magna5 services. And for customer Veratech, an IT Staffing and Managed Solutions provider, a partnership developed Magna5 from a previous working relationship – proving again that making a connection with someone is often the key to business success.

For Paul Comeau, SVP of Service Delivery and Support for Magna5, and Veratech Chief Executive Officer Michael Lyddon, a previous business connection led to a recent partnership of mutual benefit for both companies. “Michael and I had worked together in the past and built a strong professional relationship,” says Comeau. “When I learned that Michael launched Veratech, I knew that I wanted to make the connection again and use his company’s services to help find top IT talent for Magna5.”

Magna5 delivers network services, unified communications and infrastructure technology to more than 7,500 mid-market customers, Magna5’s customer base includes regional leaders within technology, education, healthcare, government, financial services and beyond.

Veratech uses Magna5’s cloud-based collaboration tools to achieve a high quality interview experience with its IT candidates across the country. By using the Magna5 Accession solution, Veratech is able to eliminate expensive travel for candidates that aren’t a fit and engage passive candidates with a high-touch experience early in the process.

“As soon as Paul and I reconnected, I saw that the products and services Magna5 provides could help our business connect – and grow,” says Lyddon.

“With much of our business conducted online, we rely on Magna5’s secure networks and innovative collaboration tools to bring together our candidates and interviewers effectively for an immersive communications experience.  Magna5’s solutions enable us to help our clients make smart connections.”

Magna5 offers a suite of cloud-based unified communication services, including voice and data products as well as the web-based collaboration tool Accession. Using Accession and its innovative web conference and file sharing features, Magna5 customers can connect from office to office and person to person no matter their location, helping their business work no matter where they are located. Accession web conferences can host everything from large meetings with 200 attendees to small one-on-one interviews.

“We are proud to support Magna5 in its cloud communications and collaboration technology staffing growth needs. If you are a small business looking at cloud communications and collaborations solutions to take your business, customer experience and team productivity to the next level,” says Michael Lyddon, Veratech’s Chief Executive Officer. “Together, Veratech and Magna5 are building high-performance teams.”

And for Comeau and Magna5, a partnership with a customer was mutually beneficial, “We needed to ramp up resources as we expanded into new geographies, products, and services,” says Paul Comeau, Senior Vice President of Service Delivery and Support at Magna5. “Veratech provided Magna5 with top IT talent and consistently delivered and executed above the service levels we expected.”

With corporate headquarters in Dallas, Magna5 operates office and network facilities across the country, including Miami, Albany, NY, New York City, San Antonio, TX, Portland, OR, Los Angeles and Seattle.

Magna5’s products, solutions, and services include hosted voice, high-velocity short duration (HSVD) termination, dedicated internet access, local dial tone, toll-free origination and termination services, plus an exclusive offering that includes UC stack to hosted, wireless backup, international toll-free and SD-WAN.

As Magna5 continues expanding, the company will offer Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS), allowing growing businesses to maximize their own communication and collaboration platforms.